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The website optimisation secret sauce

When it comes to blogging and website creation, there are things that should be left to the professionals. If you are a start up, you will need to contact a professional to make your website optimised. There are rules to be followed and decisions to be made that are not possible for you if you are rookie. Well, the first thing you need to make sure to increase your website’s viewership is to make it search engine optimised. The more optimised your article will be, Google will rank your article accordingly based on a user’s search. If you want more views and more money out of your blog you have to get it optimised.

There are two kinds of optimisation that is around in the market- white hat optimisation and black hat optimisation. White hat optimisation is the more conventional, safer and the more ethical approach to optimisation.

Black hat engine optimisation is also widely used by adventurous bloggers and website owners. Black hat optimisation bends the rules a little bit but gets you way better results. It is perfect if you want a quick financial return on your blog. Here are some of the tricks of using black hat optimisation.

  1. Using copied content in your website will hamper the optimisation and even can make Google penalize you. You can give direct links of the original website you wish to copy content from in your own blog. That will not promote plagiarism but you will have your desired content.
  2. You can use paid links or advertised links directly in your blog that will make you earn more money from your clients and will also ease out the process for your readers.
  3. Using irrelevant key words in your website can damage its optimisation greatly. It is always advised to pay a professional so that he or she can tell you about the most used words that a user uses for a certain topic. Using those keywords will increase your optimisation.
  4. You can create a mirror site to increase your optimisation. A mirror site will reflect the contents of the original sites. This way is proven to increase the viewership by leaps and bounds.
  5. Private Blog network is a collection of blogs created by a person; this will help in producing a massive number of links of your website from different domains. This is also another proven way to hike up your viewership.

The website optimisation secret sauce

If you want to know more about black hat optimisation you can always go to Black Hat SEO and check out the rules, regulations and advantages of black hat optimisation.